Participating Schools

We are pleased to welcome participants from the following colleges and universities....

The words Aalborg University are written in blue and surround an image of three wavy lines                 asu_university                                   A semi circle of leaves surrounds the word Avancez 1829 and sits above the words Chalmers University of Technology                                                
A red gradient images of four thick lines side by side sits to the left of the words Charles Sturt University                          iron_range_logo                        MIT NEET          

nus_fullcolorlogo                                                             A blue gradient oval sits atop the words Olin College of Engineering                      The seal of the Pontificia Universidad Catolica De Chile sits above the schools name
purdue-university-logo                   sutd2download                               stanford-university-stacked

tu_delft_download                     The purple seal of the Tsinghua University logo sits to the left of the university's name written in chinese letters                                                        The letters UCL appear in white against a black background The orange and white crest of the University of Cambridge sits to the left of the text